Friday, April 3, 2009

thoughts (fragments)

untitled, JordiGual

and i guess it's a dream then. if that's all it has to be then that's all it has to be. distant intimations that maybe enough united silences could find a way to glue and stitch and clothe and feed sighs and moans and whimpers and the sound of chewing and snorting into one intelligible word. what would that word be if not: please? if not yess? if not love? if not sorry? if not never if not always if not
if not

dearest _ _ _ _ _,

it seems the world will not rest until i am informed several times daily that you are married. congratulations. sincerely.

i'm not sure if i ever understood what you were really after. nevermind. let's just blame circumstance for it. in any case. i'm not certain you were after a man. it was more a universe you had in mind. (me too. we are too similar). i have a different universe in mind too. so let's shake hands here you and i. and diverge. and find each other sometime far far away later. in better, more beautiful worlds. and there, in that world, i will be soo happy to see you again.

signed in invisible silence.
a penny for the old guy.

damn writer's block.
damn damn damn damn damn
damn damn damn damn damn
writer's block.


capone said...

may we all create some beautiful universe, if only for our own eyes...

Steve Johnson said...