Saturday, November 7, 2009

[time lapse]

untitled, casimms


(1) Burial releases a new album

(2a) i can swap three summers and a spring and get two and a half autumns a year for the rest of my life, or alternatively,
(2b) travel around from place to place dodging seasons so that i'm only ever in the summer once every three years and even then only for three weeks and even then probably only LA will do

(3) the green pens that i use to underline and that have gone inexplicably missing from every store that used to sell them return

(4) Kx Kx Ho Ho please

(5) accidentally impregnanting a male-misogynist hippie vegan lesbian feminist who insists i have nothing to do with my spawn and best thing is i just take off running like Forrest Gump but before i go she agrees to let me name hapless bastard Roygbiv

(6( to sleep , to sit still , to __s i l e n c e _)

(7) to give up writing once and for all, save us all the time. instead be one of those hip photographers who always has naked women lying around to take pictures of

(8) Christmas break
__________(a) read my book of Nobel Prize in Literature acceptance speaches
__________(b) read the Watchmen
__________(c) go to Palace-Nova on Rundle St. and watch everything that's not in english and everything that's artsy-fartsy
__________(d) sleep , sit still
__________(e) write something possibly decent. or at least try and start
__________(f) return phonecalls and txt messages, actually show-up when i say i will, listen when people speak to me
__________(g) spend too much money in every bookstore i pass
__________(h) watch Stranger than Paradise, Godard's Breathless and Paris,Texas
__________(i) go to the library on Gouger St., spend hours in the T-bar reading and then walk the 55 minutes home up O'Connell St.
__________(j) dream about rain


sorry i'm late. on the upside i'm here. which is something, right?

i walk up the stairs towards the library, i'm not wearing my glasses and i'm off in my own lala land anyway so i don't realise the guy walking towards me is an acquiantence. how are ya how are ya? he says, finefine nodding, this guy turns up randomly all over the place at all hours yah big night last night just doin tha walk'a'shame now woke up in godknowswhose bed thought what-tha-f*ck time to bail oh man i'm tired must'a' been awesome though big party big party last night shoulda been there Johnny was there you know Johnny right?, Johnny Pishtek or whateva his'namz' anyway crazy look i hava cut on my chin no idea how i got that ppphhh, f8ck-my-life man i betta get on with it i gotta get home and he turns around and keeps walking. i take a deep breath for the both of us.

1 comment:

Tin, or K said...

Dear Q,

You missed one:

(k) Write to Tin. Or, write Tin something. Either would do.


PS You should visit me here in "my side of town" or my side of the world. Whatever. I think we still lie on the same side of the Pacific. Or at least, same hemisphere. Or if all that (and the geography lessons I managed to pass) fails, under the same skkkkyyy. (Say it like you're a record dying down, a band breaking up, a shoelace getting untied.) "Skkkkyyy."

PPS <3 I hope you are doing fairly okay, green pens going amiss and all.